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Sorting out your house for spring? Here’s how to put your mental fitness house in order. No fancy brain labels, just a scaffold to hang things on for ready access. This scaffold provides an overly brief description, but one that is easy to review and build upon. Referring to the previous blog, you could say that this scaffold forms the lantern for your candle. Let’s take each part from the top down.

Whole Brain: includes everything above “Interpersonal Relating.”
Child: activities listed below calm your child, drawing it out of fight-or-flight. Arrows denote how input from your Adult and Parent parts also influence Child fight-or-flight reactions.
Adult: lists activities that rely on your Adult and the effects of its influence.
Parent: represents the three Parent sub-parts to show Adult-Parent-Child interactions in the drawing.
Critical Parent: list of its basic characteristics and impact on Child.
Indulgent Parent: list of its basic characteristics and impact on Child.
Wise Parent: list of its basic characteristics and impact on Child.
Arrows: show the primary ways your mind aspects influence each other.
Emotional Problems: lists patterns of emotion that involve toxic beliefs, Adult and Wise Parent deficiencies and possible individual brain differences which must be sorted out for healing.
Interpersonal Relating: lists types of relationships impacted by how well the Adult-Wise Parent team manage Child and Parent parts. Each type requires additional insights for best navigating.

As you get dressed every day, it helps to know where to find your socks and underwear. Shirts and trousers or skirts must hang where you can choose what’s best for the weather and activities of your day. Let’s consider what it takes for you to have good choices for what to wear in your closet. You must be able to select and purchase items that fit you for all occasions. They must go well together and be durable enough for their purpose. Once you’ve bought them, you have to keep them washed and put away neatly for them to be ready. Similar complex processes occur in every area of your home. What does it take to have your meals ready? Your activity rooms? Your computer, television and other technical equipment? Your car? Your garden and home repair tools? Your roof and furnace functioning?

What if the items in your mental fitness house could be so easily observed and described? It also consists of rooms and activities that only work well when the processes behind them run smoothly. This scaffold is designed to offer you an overview of this house. It can help your Adult grasp what it needs to use the FORMULA. Each section is like a room that must be furnished and organized well to serve its purpose in the home. For the mind aspects, Adult, Child and three Parent parts, your Adult must learn what you hold in each and work to revise bedrooms and closets that don’t offer helpful input.

For the basement storage space of emotional problems, your Adult must learn new information to recognize and change resistant patterns caused by entrenched toxic beliefs. The piled up newspapers and boxes of unpacked stuff have to be cleared out. Windows must be added, fresh paint applied and new furniture brought in. Finally, for your upstairs living room and outside neighborhood where you encounter other people, your Adult must learn new information about how to understand differences among people, situations and relationships. Your Adult needs to know the scope of its work. And your Child deserves to realize that all humans face this unfair and overwhelming task, ready or not. With this understanding its light can stay brighter even with the faulty lanterns we all must craft. We’re all in this together.

  1. OoooOH, I really like that descriptive analogy. It really draws a simple picture for a fairly complex concept.

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