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Dr. Rea Anne Scovill

Dr. Rea Anne Scovill is a psychologist who has provided therapy for over forty years to families, individual adults, adolescents and children.  Her passion has been to translate research-based ideas and professional wisdom into practical applications for schools, families, individual clients and her community. After retiring this year to Netarts, OR with her husband, John Nordling and her dappled doxie Dixie, she plans to walk on the beach with family and friends, craft pebble mosaics, write poetry and spread the word about mental fitness.

Mental Fitness Formula

Wired for Fight or Flight Video

When you:

  • Feel like you can’t cope with all you face
  • Suffer with prolonged grief over loss of a loved one
  • Blow up at others or over small snags in your day
  • Stress out over work relationships
  • Feel helpless with an addiction
  • Struggle with anxiety or the cement-like fog of depression

You need a formula to solve the problem. Self-help books, therapy programs and medications all have one basic focal point: the human brain. You don’t need to know all about how it works, but you should have a manual for how to work with it. Your brain’s fight-or-flight response to stress is at the core of your negative feelings, the more painful they are, the more intense your impulse to run away or fight them off.

You don’t need a modern, costly brain scan to recognize your fight-or-flight reactions. Your tensing stomach, furrowed brow or sweaty palms signal how your brain is reacting to triggers. Your brain holds up to about twelve toxic beliefs that translate what happens to you into fight-or-flight reactions. For mental fitness you must rewrite them to reduce your reactivity, providing inner calm and energy.

Here are the steps for how to do this; the formula appears in blog #10, with some new concepts.

  1. Discover how research-based strategies for learning can reduce your discomfort as you gain more insight into yourself.
  2. Develop an intuitive sense of your mind to help you organize your beliefs for easy access.
  3. Study and memorize the twelve toxic beliefs to catch them before you find yourself in a fight-or- flight reaction, like an angry retort or a stomach-wrenching retreat.
  4. Learn the steps you need to revise your particular toxic beliefs into reality-based, wiser ones.
  5. Identify which toxic beliefs help create intense patterns of fight-or-flight like anxiety, addiction or depression. Learn how and when to use professional help and medication to support your learning and not stunt it.
  6. Recognize how toxic beliefs prevent you from being the friend, neighbor, co-worker, marriage partner or parent you want to be. See why others may fail to offer their best as well.
  7. Monitor your fight-or-flight reactions regularly to squelch toxic beliefs within your mind or when you interact with others. Practice replacing them with beliefs that soothe, encourage and guide you until they become your “natural” reactions.

This website is devoted to helping you employ this formula for managing your own mind as you go through your days. It’s not rocket science. Mental fitness requires a basically functional brain, determination, good training and consistent follow-through. You can’t win a marathon without physical fitness and you can’t run the marathon of life happily without mental fitness. A good place to start your program is my book, Claim Your Own Mental Fitness: Manage Your Mind to Overcome Addiction, Anxiety, Anger, Grief, Trauma and Depression and Form Positive Relationships. It’s available at Amazon Books for under $15.00.


Claim Your Own Mental Fitness


Claim Your Own Mental Fitness

Claim Your Own Mental Fitness


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